Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shakira confessed that he feels love

"I do not crow too much, but I feel love," said Shakira's brief conversation with Stuff magazine. However, she chose not to speak explicitly of their new state sentimental.

"Sometimes things go wrong. It was not anything hard, I do not want to tell everything. I can only say I'm happy to have left the problems behind. One is not always in a good mood and sometimes I also I have bad mood, "said the mysterious pop diva.

Despite how well he says he is now, the singer of 'Wolf' confessed that at times feels "alone, tired and unhappy." "These days my life is I do not colorful, but dull and monotonous. Still, I think this is very human, nothing dramatic. I'm no superhero, "he said.

Finally, Shakira said he still thinks of marriage because it is "the man under control." "It does not get naughty, thinking they have everything ready. Once married, men tend to get lazy and careless. They assume that you're with them, stop working on the relationship and stop making efforts. I'm sure the relationship works best when you're girlfriend when you're married. Still, marriage should be heavenly music "he concluded.

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