Monday, March 21, 2011

Kanye West was "invited to leave 'of fashion show in Paris

The fashion week in Paris has refused entry to several times the rapper. Managers tried to sneak but invited him to retire. Until recently, Kanye West occupied the front rows at fashion shows of famous fashion designers, but now his presence is not welcome. He tried to get tickets to the show of Balmain and not succeeded, yet presented with some friends at the door to see if sifted, no luck.

According to a representative says the company organizing the event, "we said we could not accommodate for lack of space. But he decided to show up at the gate anyway, where you kindly repeat that we could not pass up for lack of space in the room. "

Given the failure, the rapper tried again this time with better luck. He managed, after much prodding, watching the parade of Alexander McQueen, but no front lines, Kanye West enjoyed paragraph on the side of the room.

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