Monday, March 21, 2011

Justin Bieber playing like Oliver Twist

Justin Bieber recently commented be interested in playing Oliver Twist in the forthcoming adaptation is going to do about the well-known Charles Dickens classic.

Bieber claims to have psychological and physical characteristics for the role. The youth was also his childhood amid mousetraps and a lower-class life, could motivate a great performance.

"Where I lived was all dirty. We had traps against mice everywhere because we invaded. I had a bed, and slept on a blue sofa. We had nothing in the fridge except something to eat at school and macaroni and cheese. I love to play Oliver Twist, "he confessed.

Precisely, will premiere this Thursday in Peru his debut with the documentary film "Never Say Never" which shows how he currently holds the position in the world of entertainment and music.

- Review our - I hope you can interpret that role and everything goes well .. We wish her luck.

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