Monday, March 21, 2011

Charlie Sheen celebrates his dismissal of series

Far from being sad about being fired from the series "Two and Half Men" actor Charlie Sheen celebrated yesterday in Los Angeles.

Accompanied by one of his girlfriends, the actor appeared on the roof of the chain Live Nation (the one youyou plan to to make plays ), wielding a machete in his hand while yelling at the paparazzi from the top :" WhenI am finally free. "

Then he took a bottle with the words'Tiger Blood' and started drinking the red content of the container.

Also at its newly opened Twitter account, Sheen released: "Finally I'll stop using those ridiculous shirts (wearing his character in the series) and now I can drink. "

In this network, the actor has already exceeded two million followers, has therefore requested a practitioner who handles your account.

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