Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In or Out: Emma Watson in Hakaan

Image realignment commencing...

Emma Watson attends ELLE Style Awards 2011 in Hakaan.

Hakaan Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Marique Schimmel (WOMEN)

Wow, that's...

We're not sure...

She almost...

Okay, kudos to her. She shut our mouths and that's not an easy thing to do. Do we like this? We can't tell. It's kind of cheerleader-y in silhouette, yet weirdly generic in a fembot kind of way. The hair's so severe and the heels so deadly that any thought of Hermione has not a chance to appear. This is a concerted effort on her part. On that level, we can appreciate it. We love when someone (or someone's stylist) demonstrates an understanding of how to make statements with one's clothes. Not that this is coming out of left field; she's been signaling her desire to be thought of outside of the Harry Potter milieu for a while now; ever since she got the haircut, actually. But still, this is a definitive declaration that she doesn't always want to be seen as the perfect little teacup of British girlhood, a fate that countless other British actresses have also worked mightily to avoid, from Lynn Redgrave to Kate Winslet.

So yes, big ups for the defiance of it all, but from a style perspective? Well, we can't say this is the best look for her. Pairing a severe dress with severe heels and severe hair is, well, severe. Besides, she looks a little too washed out. It's all very sci-fi in a 2001 kind of way, but this dress needs more than just attitude to pull it off. It needs accessories in a big way. We're gonna have to give her an OUT on this one, even though we support the attempt. Sorry, Hermi-- Emma.

[Photo Credit: wireimage, getty, style.com]

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