Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Grammy Awards - Part 2

We'd like to see the dessert menu, please.

Adam Lambert
His look has never really been to our taste, but he looks just right here. Except for the chains and open shirt, which will never not be lounge lizard.

Adam Levine
We can't wear this look, and chances are you can't wear this look, but Adam Levine can wear this look and really pull it off. We would, however, prefer to see something other than a stretched out t-shirt at the Grammys. By all means, bring the crazy and rebellious rock star looks if that's who you are, but try and make it look like, for you, this is dressed up.

But we really do like the jacket, pants and boots together on him.

Ariana Grande

Barry Manilow
He's The Manilow. There is no assessing The Manilow.

Christina Aguilera in Roberto Cavalli
Once again, honey, this is not the dress for you. It's not a bad dress on its own, but as per usual, she's wearing it at least a size too small. Plus, the beading detail that flares out right at her hips? We can tell you right now, no gay was in the room the first time she tried this on.

It's a bit crotchtastic and a size too small, but it's kind of a funky, chic way to go. The little patch of belly skin is a no, however.

Esperanza Spalding
Love her hair; love her dress; HATEHATEHATE with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns, those horrible, horrible shoes, which we are convinced have a "CVS" sticker on one of the soles.

Florence Welch in Givenchy Couture
We absolutely love this look. This is how you take real, honest-to-God couture and make it look a little rock and roll.

Genevieve Jackson

Gramma Funk
HELLO, GRAMMA FUNK! We don't know who you are, but we feel like we know every inch of your body like an old lover. The curtain is rising on your vagina and your tits are screaming like two colicky babies. On top of which, you look like you can handle any two-bit motherfucker who gives you trouble. We cannot help but love you, darling.

Gretchen Wilson
This is almost, kindasorta, a cute outfit, but it's not an awards ceremony look.

Hayley Williams
To be perfectly honest, we think this is adorable.

Hettie Barnhill
It's a daring dress, but it's a beautiful one and it fits her like a glove. An up 'do would have been a better idea, though.

Hillary Scott
It's pretty and simple; we kinda like the belt. The hair seems like a bit much. As in, several pounds too much. We rarely order red carpet ladies to cut their hair, but she would look so much better with something a little more modern and textural than this.

She's been working a certain look for a good while now, and a lot of the time she pulls it off in a chic kind of way, but this has tipped her over into Maya Angelou territory and she's far too young for that. We like everything from the waist up, but the skirt is really not working.

Jannelle Monae
It's going to be very tough for her to let go of this look when the time comes because it's so defined a look and so identifiably her. It's essentially a costume.

Julianne Hough
It's all right. Kudos, as always, for a print on the RC, but the dress is a little dull.

Justin Bieber in D&G
It's a perfect look for a teen idol. He will look back on this when he's in his thirties and laugh with embarrassment, but for now, he's playing the part and he looks cute. The huge shoes and pants are part of the package. We'd criticize them on a grown man, but he's just the type who can get away with it.

Justin Guarini
The shirt is awful and the pants are too tight.

Karina Nuvo

Kathy Griffin

It's a pretty spectacular dress but generally speaking, pink-skinned people should stay away from yellows. Still, she's really improved lately. Definitely a new stylist on the payroll.

Lenny Kravitz
Oh, Lenny. What a disappointment.

Matthew Morrison
Normally we're pretty good about separating the actor from the character, but he really does look like a slightly sleazy high school teacher, doesn't he?

Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli
It's long past time for a style intervention. How someone this young can so consistently add 25 years to her age every time she tries to get dressed up is a mystery. She and Aguilera must be sharing the same stylist.


Raheem DeVaughn
We really could have forgiven the open collar (because he's pulling it off), but the hem on the pants is atrocious. A threat to civilization. The parts of our brains that process visual information are weeping.

Sara Bareilles in Escada
Pretty but dull.

In the future, all our useless fame whores will be robots. Tacky little robots.

Tia Carrere
She looks amazing and the color looks fantastic on her, but we could have done without the fur.

Toni Braxton
It's a little boring and a little unflattering, especially the bodice. She could have used a better bra.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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